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Start Summer Off Right with These Activities Near You

July 13th, 2017


Does every summer seem to slip by before you know it? Do you spend all winter wishing for summer, then as soon as it gets hot feel as if there’s nothing to do? Take advantage of warm summer days (and nights) with these summer activities near apartments in Orem:

Use what nature gave you:

Apartments in Orem give you quick access to great lake and river recreation. Utah Lake or Deer Creek offer resources for beach time, fishing, paddleboarding, boating, swimming, and more. Or for water that’s going somewhere, follow the Provo River up Provo Canyon for fishing and tubing, or enjoy a cookout at one of the parks or picnic areas in the shade beside the river.

Make more of pool time:

You have a great pool right at home when you live at apartments in Orem, but if you want something new to do, try water aerobics or swim laps at the Scera Park pool. If the apartment pool seems like more of a threat than an amenity, maybe it’s time for some swimming lessons at the indoor and outdoor pools at the Provo Recreation Center.

Stretch out for a summer movie:

Let the evening cool you off with Outdoor Movie on a Hill, at the Pleasant Grove Recreation Center, not far from apartments in Orem. Movie nights are coming on July 14 and August 11. In addition to the movie, there are pre-movie games that start at 8:00 p.m. The movie itself starts at dusk. For information, check the website.

Try something new:

Okay, sometimes the best solution to summer heat is air conditioning. When you can’t coax the kids outside, let them try something new inside with musical theater workshops offered by Lindon City Recreation on July 17-21, for kids ages 6-18. Lindon offers lots of workshops and clubs for kids near apartments in Orem, including crafts, Legos, woodworking, and more. Check the full menu here.

Let altitude cool you down:

Find refreshing mountain breezes at Sundance Resort, just up Provo Canyon from apartments in Orem. At Sundance you’ll find lift rides, ziplines, horseback riding, mountain biking, art studio classes, hiking, dining, and more.

Take shelter inside the mountain:

Yes, the hike to Timpanogos Cave is steep and likely to make you sweat, but the path is shady, it’s not too long, and the cool caves will feel all the more refreshing when you get to the top. (Crazy as it may sound, you should probably take a sweater with you.) You can get to the trailhead from apartments in Orem in only about 15 minutes.

Make the most of the glorious Utah summer! From apartments in Orem, all you need to enjoy it is only minutes away.


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