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Moving to Orem, Utah? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

August 25th, 2017


You’ve found an apartment in Orem, Utah. You might not know it, but you’re heading to one of the hidden gems of the state. There are plenty of locally-owned restaurants, family-friendly spots, and educational and entertainment opportunities abound. If you’re new to the area, here’s everything you need to know about moving to Orem.


Located near the eastern shore of Utah Lake in Utah County, and at the base of Mount Timpanogos, Orem has a population of around 90,000. Thanks to several colleges and universities located in the county, Orem’s median age skews a bit younger. According to livability.com, Orem is a relatively affordable place to live, with typically low real estate and rental prices. The unemployment rate in the area is around 3.9%, lower than the U.S. national average of around 5.2%, making Orem a great place to find work, as well. If you’re curious about the city’s family friendliness, Orem’s slogan, “Family City USA,” probably answers any questions you may have. It also ranks among the safest cities in the state.


Orem is home to Utah Valley University (UVU), a public university operated by the state of Utah. UVU is an open enrollment university, accepting all applicants, and is the largest and fastest growing public university in Utah. And, with Brigham Young University (BYU) and Stevens-Henager College just a few miles away, Orem is a great place to explore high education opportunities. Orem is also home to three high schools and 16 elementary schools.


You’ll be happy to know that Orem offers a lot of entertainment, as well. If you’re a sports fan, the Orem Owlz, with their three Pioneer League Championships, offer a fantastic minor league baseball atmosphere, and UVU and BYU have consistently high-quality collegiate sports programs, too. For theater lovers, Orem’s Hale Center Theater, voted Utah County’s best live theater for 9 straight years, offers comedy, drama, and musicals year round. For something a little off the beaten path, check out Get Air Hang Time, for some extreme trampoline entertainment.


If it’s a great meal you’re craving, try Oteo, Communal, Pizzeria 712, or Cravings Bistro, four of the consistently best-rated restaurants in the area. Otero offers outstanding Mexican food with a ton of taste. Communal is a family-style restaurant that uses local ingredients and offers a seasonal menu. Pizzeria 712 serves up what may be the county’s best pizza pie. And, Cravings Bistro boasts its gourmet grilled cheese sandwich for grownups. Enough said.

Whether it’s education, entertainment, or local-favorite fine dining, Orem is a fantastic place to live with a lot to offer. Whatever your reason for moving there, Orem’s got you covered.


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