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Are You Forgetting to Clean These 3 Commonly Neglected Places in Your Apartment?

July 20th, 2017


Granted: most people don’t move their refrigerators and clean behind them on a regular basis. But you don’t really need to. No, when it comes to apartment cleaning, the most neglected places aren’t hard to reach, but right under your nose. The good news? They also aren’t hard to clean:

Inside your washing machine:

Yes, washing the washing machine sounds unnecessary, but the trouble develops during the time when it’s not washing. Most of the time, the machine just sits and waits for you, nurturing mold and mildew that grow in the damp, dark, closed environment. If your clothes don’t seem as fresh as you like, follow these easy instructions from DIY Network and see what a difference it makes. When you’re finished, chances are you’re going to be really glad you live in an apartment with your own washer and dryer, where you can know the machine is clean every time you use it.

Inside your dishwasher:

Newsflash! Your dishwasher has a filter, and if this is the first time you’ve heard that, it’s probably time to clean it. The filter captures food particles that didn’t dissolve during the wash cycle, as well as soap scum and hard water deposits that make it even harder for food to escape. If you’ve been noticing a sour smell, the problem isn’t the dishes. Remove the filter, give it a good scrub with a dish brush, replace it, and run a cycle or two in the empty dishwasher with machine cleaner. (You can find it in the appliance department at home improvement stores.) How often you need to do it depends on how you use your dishwasher, but don’t worry—it won’t stay a neglected apartment cleaning chore for long before it reminds you to give it a fresh start.

On your upholstery and curtains:

Dust is an equal-opportunity troublemaker. It falls on every surface in your home, but it usually gets regular attention only on smooth surfaces and carpets. The fibers of upholstery and drapery trap dust and hide it. Over time, dust particles break down the fibers and reduce the life of fabric, to say nothing of what that built-up dust does to your allergies. So make sure you get your upholstery tools involved in your regular apartment cleaning routine. Vacuum upholstery and drapes (and blinds, while you’re at it), and regularly launder washable slipcovers, pillow covers, or curtains.

Your apartment cleaning routine doesn’t have to change much for you to incorporate these forgotten spots and enjoy a cleaner, fresher-smelling home.


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